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leeroy does it

What Legendary Should You Craft First?

If you are planning on dropping some money on this game then it may not matter which legendary card you craft first. However, if you plan to be a free-2-play player then you have to be very selective about which ones you craft. My recommendation is a little “outside the box” to the common response to the question. Common advice would be to choose Tinkmaster Overspark or … [Read More...]

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5 Deckbuilding Tips for Hearthstone

The release of the Closed Beta of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft digital Trading Card Game (TCGs) has made TCGS more accessible to everyone. TCG veterans are giving … [Read More...]

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shhh Ironbeak

Is Silence Too Powerful?

Nothing is more useful than silence.   Nerfs Already? The game is only a week into the beta and already someone is screaming something is overpowered. Sorry … [Read More...]